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Welcome to Chicago! There's lots to do in The Windy City, and you have a full itinerary. Make your way around the city using the famous elevated "El" trains to visit places of interest and return to the State/Lake station before anyone else. Strategize your optimal route by utilizing trains and buses, but be prepared for detour. Keep an eye out for stations undergoing renovation, and be sure to carry enough Transit Tokens to pay for your fare! And of course, you're not the only person riding the trains. Other travelers might just throw your plans for a Loop! Pack your bag, gather your friends, and set out on your Chicago Transit Adventure!

Suitable for ages 13+. 2 - 8 players. 


  • 1 20" x 30" Game Board Map of Chicago's famous Elevated Train System
  • 8 Painted and Screen Printed Wooden Train Pawns to match the 8 train lines
  • 32 Screen Printed Wooden Transit Tokens
  • 12 Fluorescent Acrylic Station Renovation Markers
  • 67 Destination Cards with places to visit around Chicago
  • 28 Condition Cards that will help or hinder your trip
  • 2 Six-Sided Dice

Designed by Transit Tees in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.


  • 5
    El Game

    Posted by Laurel on 18th Mar 2020

    I loved playing this game! It moves faster than games such as Monopoly, especially if only playing with 3-4 people. Very enjoyable game once you get the rules down - the directions are a little intimidating, but it is easy once you get the hang of it. I would definitely recommend this game!

  • 5
    Loved the game

    Posted by Madeline on 12th Feb 2020

    We all had a great time playing the game. Can't wait until we play it again.

  • 5
    FUN Transit for ALL

    Posted by Madelon on 5th Feb 2020

    Whether you've been to Chicago , live in Chicago, visit Chicago a thousand times, or only been there a few times, this game is fun and easy to learn for all. I love the Condition Cards & I wish there was more!! Sometimes we are a bunch of sore losers. It's really fun when we do come to Chicago after we play and we end up at a stop that we had in a hand before. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!

  • 5
    El Chicago Transit Game

    Posted by Kathryn Shenk on 9th Jan 2020

    A great hit as a christmas gift - sent to former Chicago-ites in Philly, Seattle, as well as a gift for our family and friends. We played 10 games on Christmas night, and maybe another 30 over the following week. Our family in other cities were excited to share traveling around Chicago on the El. Highly recommend this game. We do wonder if taking the bus should "cost" more in movement since usually a bus ride is sometimes longer than the train.

  • 5
    El game

    Posted by Valerie Kretchmer on 1st Jan 2020

    Bought it for my 9-year old grandson and he loved it. Even though it says age 13 and up, he was able to figure it out. We played it 3 times the first day.

  • 5
    Fun game

    Posted by Kevin on 30th Dec 2019

    A very fun game that takes less than an hour to play (except perhaps your first time.) You will get to learn the whole EL system if played multiple times. Requires an overall strategy, tactical changes due to disruptions, luck (dice rolls and card drawing), and some negotiation with fellow players. If someone takes a decided lead in the game, the other players will make a concerted effort to slow him or her down. So blowout games are not likely often. Some bus lines are also included. Realistically portrays the randomness and frustration of traffic, construction, and special events and turns it into a fun game.

  • 5
    Wonderful Game

    Posted by Dave on 28th Dec 2019

    My son is a big CTA fan. We live in Chicago and use the train network to get around town a great deal. We played this game shortly after Christmas and we loved it. The directions are wonderfully detailed and we both understood how to play the game very well. As others said, it takes a bit of strategy and a bit of luck to win. We will play this game for many years going forward. Five stars.

  • 5
    Well designed, fun game

    Posted by Andy on 27th Dec 2019

    This was a big hit Christmas night. We had four players - three veteran Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) riders and one novice - and as soon as we finished the first game everyone wanted to play it again. This is that rare breed of board game that's relatively easy to learn how to play, requires a bit of strategy, and demands a bit of luck to win. Much like riding the CTA. We will definitely be sharing this with friends.

  • 5
    Fun gift!

    Posted by Wendy on 25th Dec 2019

    Bought two of these as gifts for family! Haven’t played it myself but excited to hear from them and I’ll have to get my own soon!