El: The Chicago Transit Adventure Board Game

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Expected release date is 14th Dec 2019

Welcome to Chicago! There's lots to do in The Windy City, and you have a full itinerary. Make your way around the city using the famous elevated "El" trains to visit places of interest and return to the State/Lake station before anyone else. Strategize your optimal route by utilizing trains and buses, but be prepared for detour. Keep an eye out for stations undergoing renovation, and be sure to carry enough Transit Tokens to pay for your fare! And of course, you're not the only person riding the trains. Other travelers might just throw your plans for a Loop! Pack your bag, gather your friends, and set out on your Chicago Transit Adventure!

Suitable for ages 13+. 2 - 8 players. 


  • 1 20" x 30" Game Board Map of Chicago's famous Elevated Train System
  • 8 Painted and Screen Printed Wooden Train Pawns to match the 8 train lines
  • 32 Screen Printed Wooden Transit Tokens
  • 12 Fluorescent Acrylic Station Renovation Markers
  • 67 Destination Cards with places to visit around Chicago
  • 28 Condition Cards that will help or hinder your trip
  • 2 Six-Sided Dice

Designed by Transit Tees in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood.

Order by December 18th to receive shipment by Christmas.

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Release Date:
Expected release date is 14th Dec 2019

3 Reviews

SRG 11th Dec 2019

El Game

My 15 year old grandson is a board game fanatic. He coerced me into purchasing the El game as a Hanukkah gift for him. It was delivered in the evening and I texted my grandson of it's arrival. The following afternoon, he showed up pleading with me to open the game and play with him. What was a grandmother to do? Of course, we did and we loved it. He takes the Blue Line to school during the week. I haven't been on public transportation for 50 years, favoring my sporty wheels, but in playing the game it all came back to me. He is coming this afternoon after school for a rematch -- I beat him first time around.

Andrea 8th Dec 2019

El trains on the bus lines!

Bought this for my board game loving husband. We played it last night and ran into some hiccups with the instructions but overall the game is fun and even the novice board game players had fun. It was interesting that we could take the el train off the tracks and onto the bus lines. Great way to familiarize yourself with some of the more obscure El stops

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