LOOP: The Elevated Card Game Renovated Edition

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The hit transit card game LOOP now has a standalone expansion! The new LOOP: Renovated Edition contains all new event cards, plus some new wild cards and a full set of station cards. It can be played on its own, or combined with the original edition of LOOP to double the fast-paced, chaotic fun! 

Ride the rails of the elevated trains in Chicago’s famous Loop! Match the line colors and stations to make your way around town, but beware the everyday perils of signal delays, broken escalators, and unexplainable smells as you get where you’re going! 

Like the original, LOOP: Renovated Edition is a 10-20 minute game suitable for ages 9 and up. One deck can support a game of 2-7 players, but when combined with the original edition of LOOP you can play with up to 14 people!