Sam Adams Beer Man Sticker

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Sam Adams: A revolutionary, a founding father, a tax collector, and a maltster. Long before the brewing company bearing the rabble-rouser’s name was formed, Samuel Adams was already associated with beer. Sam Adams ran a malt house out of his childhood home, where he produced malt to sell to brewers. His malt business failed, but his name forever became tied to the beer industry when he sparked a movement to produce better beer in America to stop depending on imports from England. This Sam Adams Beer Man Sticker celebrates his rebellious spirit and early appreciation for craft beer.

Choose between a single sticker or four pack of this sticker. Sticker measures 2.4″ × 3.49″

Durable, weatherproof adhesive made to last. UV Laminated to protect your sticker from scratches and the sun.

Designed by Transit Tees in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.