Holographic Winged Death Head Sticker

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The Winged Death’s Head was a popular motif carved into gravestones in Massachusetts and throughout New England in the 1600s. Puritans discouraged the use of holy symbols for decoration, so the non-religious skull, or “death’s head,” became commonplace. Wings were later added to suggest a spiritual transcendence. Or maybe back then, as now, they knew that a winged skull was just a wicked cool decoration. This Winged Death Head Sticker is perfect for anyone who likes it a little spooky.

Choose between a single sticker or four pack of this sticker. Sticker measures 3.88″ × 1.52″

Durable, weatherproof adhesive made to last. UV Laminated to protect your sticker from scratches and the sun.

Designed by Transit Tees in Chicago's Wicker Park neighborhood.