Baked Beans Dress Socks

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Beans cooked slow in a clay pot with sweet, savory sauce were already a fixture of the culinary scene in the northeast long before the first English colonists arrived. Over the generations, the dish evolved into the Boston Baked Beans recipe we still enjoy today. As word spread, Baked Beans quickly became Boston’s signature dish. Represent your love for Boston, beans, or both with these Baked Bean Dress Socks.

  •  Small Fits: Men's Shoe Sizes 3-9 & Women's Shoe Sizes 4-10
  • Large Fits: Men's Shoe Sizes 6-12 & Women's Shoe Sizes 7-13
  • Make is 61.6% Cotton/33.6% Nylon/3.2% Polyester/1.6% Elastic.

Designed by Transit Tees in our Chicago's Wicker Park creative studio.