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In the Studio: Block Printed Starflake Cards

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We recently unveiled a new holiday card design featuring snowflakes in the shape of the Chicago Star! For this design, we decided to make a hand-carved block print of it to lend it a certain charm that you couldn't find in just any greeting card. Each card will be a unique work, just a little different from all the others, just like a real snowflake!


The carving process begins with laying the design out on a piece of linoleum block. The first thing to do is to carve away all the negative space between the stars.


Once the background is carved away, it's time to begin cutting out the details inside the stars. This is exacting work - perfect for an Xacto knife!


Once the carving is all done, we move on to printing. After mixing the ink to get the color we want, we roll it onto the block. A stencil helps keep the ink from getting anywhere we don't want it. 

Here's the printing setup in full swing! Once the ink is applied we line the card up with the block and use a baren to firmly press the card into the ink. It's necessary to occasionally rinse off the block when the ink begins to build up and fill in the small details. 

As the prints pile up, it gets to feeling pretty festive in here!

And for the finishing touch, we apply our stamp of approval.

We pair this card with a bright red envelope to turn up the holiday cheer! You can find these unique handmade cards in our shop and online.

Happy Holidays from all of us at Transit Tees!

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