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An 'L' Of A Team

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transit hawks

The Blackhawks are on an incredible ride to the 2014 Stanley Cup finals and Transit Tees has created the ultimate fan apparel to sport during the playoffs. We created the new design at their studio located in the ├╝ber trendy south end section of Milwaukee Avenue in Wicker Park. The new men's and women's shirts feature a mashup of two famous icons in Chicago, the Chicago Transit map and the Chicago Blackhawks logo. 

The design was created by Transit Tees' expert creative team and, like most of our designs, started with rounds of pencil sketches. Once the visual style was finalized the image was scanned and perfected using Adobe Illustrator.

In order to achieve the unique look of the art, our designer worked directly with our screen printing production team to ensure the ink colors and halftones would pop off the shirt when printed. As you can see from the close up shots below the screen printed halftones give the design depth and visual punch that sets it apart.

Our Transit Hawks tee is sure to be this season's most unique shirt for Blackhawks super fans.

Transit Hawks rough sketches  Transit Hawks pencil sketches

Transit Hawks halftone closeup  Transit Hawks halftone close up

The shirts are available for $26.00, now and throughout the playoffs, online or at Transit Tees, 1371 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago IL 60622. Our hours are M-F 9:30am-8:00pm, Sat. 11:00am-8:00pm and Sun. 11:00am-6:00pm.

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